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Oasis Commission of
Social Ministry Portsmouth / Chesapeake does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation or belief.















Oasis Services

Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen at Oasis, in partnership with local congregations and organizations, ensures that a free breakfast and lunch is served 365 days a year. Meals are open to all!

Please see meal schedule below for details and locations.

Food Pantry

The food pantry distributes bags of food to local residents in need every 60 days. We also currently deliver to 96 home bound senior citizens every month.

Please see details below for eligibility requirements.

Thrift Store

The Oasis Thrift Store is much more than a shop. Our homeless neighbors and local residents in need can get an allotted amount of clothing free of charge. The shop is also open to the public and items are available for sale. Even if a client uses their allotment of clothing, we keep prices extremely low so anyone can afford them. We also assist with small household items for those who recently moved into permanent housing (unfortunately, due to space, we do not provide furniture).

Please see details below for eligibility requirements.

Holiday Baskets

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, Oasis provides families with all the foods needed for a wonderful family meal. To find out more about applying for this service or about sponsoring a family click here.


Oasis Requirements and Service Times

For most services at Oasis, you must first register in our office as a client. Client registration is available:

9am - 11am

Please make sure you bring the following documents:

Picture ID
● Proof of Residence (official rental receipt or current utility bill) *not required if client is homeless
● Social Security card, ID, or birth certificate for each additional member of the household

Additionally, you must be a resident within our service area:
Portsmouth (entire city), Chesapeake (zipcodes 23321 and 23323), and Suffolk (zipcode 23435)

    • Soup Kitchen

      Everyone is welcome to enjoy a meal in our soup kitchen. We do ask for ID so we can log all of our guests, but we can work with you if you do not have one. Please see us in the office to find out about our Oasis specific identification cards.

      Food Pantry

      Clients may use the resources of our food pantry every 60 days.

      Oasis functions as a food salvage organization. Many perishable foods that we receive are at or near their sell-by date. We take care to make sure they are well maintained and distribute them in the timeliest manner possible. Please note that a sell-by or best-by date is not the same as an expiration date. These foods are safe and of good quality well past the indicated day.

      In addition to the groceries provided by Oasis, all qualifying families will also receive an allotment of food from the USDA. Eligibility will be determined during the interview process.


      Thrift Store

      After registering in the Oasis office, clients are given a referral document to take to the shop. On it will be the allotment of clothing for the next six months. The Thrift Shop staff assigns each person a shopping day and goes over the details with them.

      Household referrals are given to clients who have a new lease (within two months). They are only issued to a client once and are good for a two month period.